WWI Centenary: Calls for education about UK's black soldiers

Sunday marks the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War. But as allied countries commemorate what they call the ‘Great War’, Assed Baig reports, many of the soldiers that fought for Britain have long been ignored. #WorldWarOne … Read More »

How a black student toiled to get himself into Oxford

Between 2015 and 2017, one in three Oxford colleges failed to offer any black students a place. Last year, only 48 black students took up a place out of 12,000 undergraduates. Roy Celarie worked over 50 hours a week to … Read More »

A GREENER FUTURE FOR LONDON’S BLACK CABS. What’s it like in the backseat of an electric taxi?

New rules in London mean all taxis must be zero emissions by 2032. The first batch are already on the road. TRT World’s Assed Baig takes a ride in one of the British capitals new hybrid taxis. #London #Electrictaxi #Nexus … Read More »

Is Imran Khan good looking enough to get a free ice cream in East London?

Imran Khan spent many years playing cricket in Britain, and his first marriage was to a British woman. Nexus’s Assed Baig went to East London – where there is a big Pakistani community – to find out whether his charm … Read More »

Mesut Ozil's decision sparks debate on identity in Germany

A recent survey suggests 61% of German Turks feel more Turkish than they do German. It raises questions about integration, identity and belonging, but it also shows a deepening divide within Turkish society in Germany. Footballer Mesut Ozil’s recent decision … Read More »

Mesut Ozil Quits: German footballer with Turkish roots quits over racism

Mesut Ozil’s shock resignation from the German football team – citing racism – has triggered both praise and criticism. But it’s also got people talking about inclusivity in sport. Assed Baig hit the streets of Berlin to find out what … Read More »

The War in Syria: Syrian chef raising money for Aleppo hospital

Millions of Syrians have been forced to flee the war in their country. Many have taken the dangerous trip to Europe, but even if they do make it there’s no guarantee of a prosperous life. However, one Syrian chef is … Read More »

Poland Court Controversy: Chief justice defies law to go to work

Poland’s government has brought in a new law that could force upto forty percent of senior judges to retire early. Demonstrators took to the streets in several cities to protest against the reforms. The European Union has also raised objections. … Read More »

Austria-Turkey Relations: Austrian politician makes anti-Turkish remarks

Austrian politicians have recently criticised Turks there who voted for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the recent Turkish elections. It’s just one of several issues which some Turks say is making life increasingly uncomfortable in Austria. Read the original article … Read More »

Refugee Crisis: Austria begins large-scale border operation

Austria is staging its largest ever military exercise along its border with Slovenia, at a time when the European Union is divided over the issue of migration. This year, 43- thousand people arrived in the EU by crossing the Mediterranean, … Read More »

Austria Mosques: Crackdown on mosques incites outrage

Turkish Muslims in the country say it’s the latest attempt to target them. Assed Baig has the latest from Vienna. Read the original article published in TRT World on 10 June 2018Read More »

Nexus – Harvey Weinstein

On this episode of Nexus we looked at disgraced movie-producer Harvey Weinstein. He’s been indicted on rape charges, but his lawyer is confident he’ll walk free. Nexus with Matthew Moore On this episode of Nexus was actor Jumaan Short who … Read More »

Turkey's Border Mission: Turkey set up aid distribution centers in Afrin

Roads to Afrin town are still blocked but aid is being allowed through. The Turkish government says it has set up 29 aid distribution centres inside Afrin, after the YPG terror group has been mostly pushed out. Our correspondent Assed … Read More »

Turkey's Border Mission: Forces clearing Afrin of mines

Two days after the YPG terror group was removed from Afrin, Some residents of the Syrian town want to return to their homes. However, all routes in are now closed, after eleven people were killed in an explosion. Read the … Read More »

Refugee Crisis: EU deal keeps refugees from crossing to Europe

The European Commission has promised extra funding to compensate Turkey for accommodating more than 3 million Syrian refugees. But many of the refugees who had planned to use Turkey as a staging post, say life there is quite hospitable. Assed … Read More »

Turkey's Border Mission: More villages cleared from YPG terror group

As Operation Olive Branch enters its third phase, villages in the Afrin region continue to be freed from YPG control. Assed Baig visited one village hours after it was cleared. Read the original article published in TRT World on 16 … Read More »

Turkey-UAE Relations: Relations strained in Twitter row

Relations between the United Arab Emirates and Turkey have taken another nosedive. A top diplomat in the Gulf state has accused Turkey of not respecting the sovereignty of its Arab neighbours. And as Assed Baig reports, it’s added strain to … Read More »

Turkey's Border Mission: Turkish-backed troops take centre of Afrin

Free Syrian Army soldiers backed by the Turkish military have cleared the town of Afrin of YPG terror group.The forces entered Afrin town centre earlier, on Sunday morning, fulfilling a major objective of operation Olive branch. TRT World correspondent Assed … Read More »

Roundtable: Has Brexit put the City of London at risk?

Brexit and the City of London. Will the UK’s financial sector flounder without the EU, or is it an opportunity to flourish? Opinion is divided over what Brexit will mean for the City of London. Revenues, jobs and its reputation … Read More »

Acid attack on two people in East London – was it a hate crime?

A man who was left with life-changing injuries in an East London acid attack has been telling this programme about his ordeal. Jameel Muhktar was in his car with his cousin Reshem Khan when a toxic substance was sprayed through … Read More »

Assed Baig on witnessing the fire overnight

We speak to our reporter, Assed Baig, who spent the night at the scene of the fire talking to those who escaped and were desperately searching for loved ones.Read More »

More arrests over London Bridge attack

[insert video] Counter terror officers investigating the London Bridge attack have made more arrests today in east London – and searched the gym where one of the attackers worked, apparently taking away computer equipment in an overnight raid. New CCTV … Read More »

How was Jamal al Harith was radicalised and what happened to the money?

[insert video] Ministers have said former Guantanamo Bay detainees could lose the financial settlements paid to them if they have breached legal agreements with the Government. It’s a move designed to curb criticism over the payment made to the British … Read More »

Mental health: schools struggling to help support children

[insert video] Depression and anxiety were once thought of as illnesses which only affected adults but mental health problems affect around one in ten children and young people. But schools are struggling to help them, according to a new survey. … Read More »

George Michael remembered

[insert video] Assed Baig has been outside George Michael’s home in North London, where fans have gathered to pay tribute to the star today.Read More »

At least 100 killed in India rail disaster

{insert video] More than 100 people have been killed and hundreds more injured after a passenger train derailed in Northern India. Rescuers are struggling to find and free survivors in the wreckage of the crowded passenger train. Assed Baig reports.Read More »

The Taliban: Islam, opium and the current conflict in Afghanistan. Understanding why the Taliban fight

By Moneeb Hafeez This research is an attempt to understand the cause of the current insurgency in Afghanistan. The Taliban, a fundamentalist Islamic movement, are fighting a foreign occupation on what is perceived as a war on religious grounds. However when … Read More »

Islamic State: how can young Brits be stopped from joining?

Assed Baig reports from Dewsbury, where people are trying to understand why two Yorkshire teenagers, including reported suicide bomber Talha Asmal, ran away to a distant conflict.Read More »

We were defending British values, say Syria Britons

Exclusive: two British men who have returned from the Syria conflict say they went to the Middle East on a humanitarian mission “against a brutal regime” – and insist they are not terrorists. Think about the conflict in Syria today and the … Read More »

London shopkeeper defiant despite threats over Charlie sign

[insert video] East London deli owner Adel Defilaux tells Assed Baig he received death threats, after posting a “Je suis Charlie” sign, on the day a new issue of the satirical magazine went out.Read More »

Assange appeal rejected by Swedish court

WikiLeaks founder Assange to appeal against decision by Swedish court not to drop an arrest warrant against him.  WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is to take his battle against an arrest warrant to Sweden’s Supreme Court, his lawyer has disclosed. Per Samuelson’s … Read More »

UK collaborated with Assad, says ex-Guantanamo inmate

Moazzam Begg tells Anadolu Agency that UK security services handed over intelligence to Syrian regime. Former Guantanamo detainee Moazzam Begg says he believes that “vindictive” terror charges levelled against him in the U.K. – which have now been dropped – were brought because … Read More »

Legal challenge mounted against UK anti-terror law

Anti-terror powers allowing police to stop individuals at UK ports for up to nine hours are challenged in Supreme Court. Human rights organizations have launched a legal challenge in the U.K. against a controversial anti-terror power which allows police to question people … Read More »

UK to begin joint NATO military exercise in Poland

Exercise Black Eagle designed to ‘deter Russian aggression’. Britain is to begin a bi-lateral military exercise with Poland in the next few days that will involve 1,350 U.K. military personnel and 350 vehicles, the Ministry of Defence has told the … Read More »

Report: One in five youths forced to sleep rough in UK

Charity reports nearly a fifth of young people in Britain have slept on the streets and in cars and night buses. One in five young people in the U.K. have been forced to sleep rough, a charity for homeless people has reported. … Read More »

UK: Two sons lost, father says 'Do not go to Syria'

Abubaker Deghayes has now lost two sons to the Syrian conflict, with another still fightng in the war torn country. The father who lost two of his sons fighting in Syria has said that he does not want others to … Read More »

Rights groups slam UK spy chief's 'web terror' remarks

Head of GCHQ Robert Hannigan accused of being ‘securocrat’ destroying Britain’s ‘best traditions’ and regard for rule of law. Human rights groups have dismissed claims made by the head of the UK government’s communications headquarters that the internet has become … Read More »

UK snubs Merkel's warnings over immigration curbs

British government insists it will pursue immigration changes despite Germany’s chancellor’s reported ‘UK can quit EU’ remarks. The U.K. government has said the “Prime Minister will do what is right for Britain” in response to reports that Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel … Read More »

90,000 UK children facing homelessness at Xmas

Shelter issues emergency appeal and says number of homeless living in bed and breakfasts has nearly doubled in three years. A total of 90,000 UK children will face Christmas without a home, according to a charity’s analysis of the latest government figures on … Read More »

Israel broke international law, report claims

Observers took hundreds of testimonies to compile reports on human shields and indiscriminate targeting of noncombatants. Israel violated international law according to a report released Thursday that investigated the use of human shields during Israel’s 2014 onslaught of the Gaza … Read More »

‘I don’t feel British and I don’t want to be’

Journalist Assed Baig asks Birmingham Muslims about the “climate of fear” fuelled by the rise of Islamic State – and finds they are more alienated than ever.Read More »

UK Muslim group threatens government with legal action

Organization with alleged links to Muslim Brotherhood could face restrictions in government crackdown. The Muslim Association of Britain has said it will take the British government to court if it attempts to place any restrictions on the organization over allegations it … Read More »

UK Muslims criticize PM's Charity Commission proposals

Islamic charity and human rights campaigners accuse British government of anti-Muslim bias. Muslim rights groups in the U.K. have responded with anger to new proposals announced by Prime Minister David Cameron to give extra powers to the country’s charities regulatory … Read More »

Scotland: Nos seemingly ahead, but some not happy

Some leaving yesterday’s polls dejected – embarrassed at way ‘Better together’ campaign was conducted. With the “No” vote ahead in polls to predict Scotland’s future, you’d expect their voters to be in celebratory mood, but some are leaving Thursday’s vote dejected – unhappy … Read More »

Scottish Muslims mostly see future outside UK

‘It’s about improving my community, for my people, for Muslims, and mainstream society,’ says ‘Yes’ voter. On the streets of southern Glasgow, independence posters in Urdu stare from windows, cars – prayer beads hanging from mirrors – beep their horns in … Read More »

UK leaders in pledge to Scotland 'if' it stays in union

Labour, Conservative and Liberal leaders promise ‘extensive new powers’ to Scottish parliament if countrymen vote ‘No’. With just two days left until Scotland goes to the polls in a highly anticipated independence vote, political leaders scrambling to keep the country … Read More »

British convert reveals Syria journey

‘The question is, did ’you‘ ever see a wrong and try to change it,’ says UK man on returning home, having fought Assad. He ignored the warnings, took the risks, and hopped on a plane. Hours later – via Heathrow, … Read More »

Let's Not Make Child Grooming about Ethnicity, But We Can Talk About Race If You'd Like

The level of depravity and abuse revealed by the Jay report into the Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal has shocked the entire country. The fact that 1,400 children have been abused has been lost on some as they rush to … Read More »

UK child sexual exploitation report raises racism fears

“There are issues within society, but it [child abuse] is not an Asian or a Muslim problem, it’s a [an all round] problem,” Raza Nadim told AA. Allegations of institutional racism reared their head in the UK this week on … Read More »

UK government approach to extremism not working, say experts

‘Domestic and foreign policy must be re-examined rather than new laws being introduced,’ specialist in counter-terrorism tells AA. A leading specialist in counter-terrorism has questioned the British government’s approach to extremism, stating that attempts to further criminalize those taking part … Read More »

Europe welcomes Gaza ceasefire

Egyptian-brokered cease-fire goes into effect, bringing to a halt 51 days of death and destruction in the blockaded coastal enclave. The European Union has welcomed the latest cease-fire in the Gaza Strip, bringing to an end 51 days of fighting between Israeli and … Read More »

UK Muslims reject notion of 'collective guilt' over Foley

‘We don’t expect Christians, nationalists or socialists to apologise for [Adolf] Hitler,’ so why should we apologize for the Islamic State. Muslim organizations have attacked British media values in the wake of what they see as a clamor to tie … Read More »

Ezidi leader's son calls on Turkey to intervene in Iraq

Breen Tahseen says Turkey more important than France and Britain because it has more power in Iraq. The son of an Ezidi leader has called for Turkey to help Ezidi refugees trapped in northern Iraq. Breen Tahseen, the son of Prince … Read More »

US, UK 'hypocrites' over Russia verbal attacks

Malaysian government minister says US also guilty for supplying war weapons to those killing innocent Palestinians in Gaza. A top minister in the Malaysian government has accused the United States of hypocrisy in its criticism of Russia for supplying arms … Read More »

100,000 people march in London in support of Palestine

Protesters flock to British capital as Israel escalates its onslaught against Gaza Strip. About 100,000 protestors from across Britain have rallied in London to protest against Israel’s onslaught on Gaza, according to demonstration organizers Stop the War coalition. Demonstrators of mixed ethnicities, race and … Read More »

Threat of UK foreign fighters on return 'exaggerated'

New report says no empirical evidence to support notion that UK nationals fighting in Syria are threat on return. A new report by an UK-based campaign group claims that the British government has greatly exaggerated the threat posed to the … Read More »

World leaders urge truce in Ukraine for plane probe

US calls for a full, credible, and unimpeded international investigation into downed Malaysian airliner. World leaders have urged Moscow, pro-Russian separatists and Ukraine to support a ceasefire in order to ensure international investigators have access to the crash site of a Malaysian airliner downed … Read More »

Muslims tell of far-right group's invasion of UK mosque

A Muslim worshipper has told Anadolu Agency of the disturbing moments when members of a far-right group stormed a mosque in south London. Worshipper Mohammed Luthful Wahid told AA on Wednesday that he found himself confronted by five members of the Britain First group after they … Read More »

Cameron: British fighters in Iraq pose threat to UK

Prime Minister tells Parliament that militant Britons are a threat to the UK. LONDON  The militants currently advancing on Baghdad are planning terrorist attacks in the UK, Prime Minister David Cameron told Parliament on Wednesday. He said: “I would also disagree with those … Read More »

No proof of Islamist plot at UK schools: leaked report

Investigations into 21 schools in Birmingham do not provide evidence of an Islamist plot, according to the leaked ‘Trojan Horse’ report. LONDON There is no evidence of an alleged Islamist plot to take over schools in Birmingham, the U.K.’s second-largest city, according to reports to be … Read More »

UK 'anti-terror' law indiscriminate, says rights groups

Only about one percent of 46,000 people were stopped under Schedule 7 powers were arrested, according to UK government statistics LONDON  Government figures reveal that only about one percent of people questioned under powers that allow police to stop individuals … Read More »

Indian Kashmir: A mother's fight for missing son

‘My son was picked up by security forces in 1990, I have not seen him since,’ said Parveena Ahanger, the head of ‘the Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons’ in Indian-held Kashmir. LONDON It’s been 24 years since she last … Read More »

UK counter-terrorism report criticized

Counter-terrorism report by MPs from UK’s main parties criticized for policy recommendations LONDON  A counter-terrorism report produced on Friday by MPs from the U.K.’s three main political parties has been criticized for its recommendations on how to deal with U.K. nationals returning … Read More »

Kashmiris want to vote on future, not Indian parliament

Kashmiris mostly chose to boycott India election, but say they will vote in a referendum SRINAGAR, Indian-held Kashmir  Showkat Ahmad Bhat, a middle-aged grocery store owner in Indian-held Kashmir’s capital, Srinagar, has never cast a vote in the 46 years of … Read More »

An ideological war against UK Muslims in schools?

The UK government investigation into Muslim majority schools set off by an anonymous letter LONDON A so-called ‘Islamist’ school plot, government leaks, off-the-record briefings, a media scramble and a government-ordered investigation of 25 schools has gripped the U.K.’s second city … Read More »

UK mosque row increases community suspicion of police

Police donations to UK mosque raises suspicion about intentions. LONDON  Birmingham is the United Kingdom’s second city and home to a sizeable Muslim community — one that has, at times, had a tense relationship with the city’s police. In recent years, … Read More »

The Muslim Plot That Wasn't

A secret document purporting to expose an undercover Muslim conspiracy to take over schools in Birmingham hit national news recently, prompting journalists to fall over themselves heralding a sinister ‘Islamic plot’, while eliciting both public statements from the Prime Minister … Read More »

Myanmar: Meiktila memories still fresh one year on

Many Muslim victims continue to live in Internally Displaced People camps, still dreaming of returning home. RANGOON, Myanmar  It’s been one year since a Buddhist mob rampaged through the central Myanmar town of Meiktila, killing local residents and setting fire … Read More »

Myanmar's Apartheid: Healthcare and memories of violence

The Rohingya of Myanmar are one of the most persecuted minorities in the world according to the United Nations. SITTWE, Myanmar  Myanmar’s Rohingya are mainly located in the Western state of Rakhine. There, violence against the minority in 2012 resulted in hundreds … Read More »

Myanmar’s Apartheid: Arbitrary arrest & torture

In a series of features, Anadolu Agency correspondent Assed Baig, reveals the extent of oppression inflicted on the Rohingya. SITTWE, Myanmar  In 2013, in preparation for Myanmar’s census the government asked the Rohingya Muslims of western Myanmar to sign papers declaring that they were … Read More »

Myanmar’s Apartheid: The camps & gaining an education

In a series of features, Anadolu Agency correspondent Assed Baig, reveals the extent of oppression inflicted on Rohingya Muslims. SITTWE, Myanmar  In Sittwe, the capital of the Rakhine state in Western Myanmar, reaching Rohingya camps and villages means navigating past … Read More »

16-year old Rohingya Muslim girl allegedly raped by Myanmar police

A 16-year-old Rohingya Muslim girl has told AA that she was gang raped by police and a group of Rakhine villagers. MYANMAR A 16-year-old Rohingya Muslim girl has told Anadolu Agency that she was gang raped by police and local … Read More »

40 Rohingya confirmed dead after violence in Myanmar

Protests take place in UK against violence and arbitary arrests of Rohingya men and boys. LONDON At least 40 Rohingya Muslims are now believed to have been killed in last week’s violence in Myanmar, according to a human rights group Fortify … Read More »

CAR Christians stage pro-France protest, 1 killed

Scores of Christians staged a pro-France protest near the airport in Bangui, capital of the troubled Central African Republic. BANGUI Scores of Christians on Monday staged a pro-France protest near the airport in Bangui, capital of the troubled Central African … Read More »

Bangui imam claims French killed 3 Muslims

BANGUI An imam in a predominantly Muslim neighborhood of Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic (CAR), claimed on Sunday that French troops had killed three Muslims. Isa Hassan, the imam of Masjid Al Noor in Kilometer 5, claimed … Read More »

Chadians flee CAR violence

Dozens of Chadian citizens trickle to a military base for African peacekeepers near Bangui airport in the hope of catching a military plane out of the war-ravaged CAR BANGUI Dozens of Chadian citizens, including women and children, continue to trickle … Read More »

AA enters hot-spot CAR

AA London correspondent Assed Baig and Johannesburg correspondent Hasa Isilow began to wire latest news and imageries from CAR after an uphill journey. ISTANBUL Anadolu Agency (AA) crew managed to enter troubled Central African Republic (CAR), amid deadly clashes creating humanitarian crisis, on Monday. AA London correspondent … Read More »

29 killed in Bangui violence since Thursday: Red Cross

At least twenty-nine Muslims were killed since Thursday BANGUI At least 29 people have been killed in Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic(CAR), in the last 24 hours, according to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). The … Read More »

HRW documents 'atrocities' against CAR's Muslims

BANGUI Human Rights Watch (HRW) on Thursday accused Christian militias of perpetrating a number of recent “atrocities” against Muslim communities in the northern Central African Republic (CAR). “They began to cut my husband with their machetes on his side and … Read More »

CAR's Muslim minority decries anti-balaka 'atrocities'

AA investigates attacks against Muslims carried out by the Christian militia known as the “anti-balaka,” meaning “anti-machete.” BANGUI Since the outbreak of the conflict in the Central African Republic (CAR), reports have focused on the Muslim rebel seleka group and … Read More »

Bangui Muslims skeptical about French disarming

The French peacekeeping troops in Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic, insisted that they are disarming all armed rebels, a contention questioned by many Muslims. BANGUI The French peacekeeping troops in Bangui, the capital of the Central African … Read More »

No end in sight for civilians in CAR

Anadolu Agency (AA) Correspondent Assed Baig has travelled to the war stricken region of the Central African Republic to report on the crisis BANGUI The number of internally displaced people camped at the airport in the capital of the Central … Read More »

AA witnesses tragedy of migrants in Libya

AA correspondent sheds light on the difficult journey of undocumented migrants from Libya to Europe via Italy. By Assed Baig TRIPOLI (AA) – Anadolu Agency (AA) correspondent investigates into migration and smuggling in Libya by traveling 640 km south of … Read More »

Trafficking on human misery: encountering plight of undoc'd migrants fleeing Libya

AA commissions investigation into how Libyan smugglers transport undocumented migrants from the restive N.African state into Europe, via Italy. LONDON Anadolu Agency recently commissioned an investigation into how Libyan smugglers transport undocumented migrants from the restive North African state into Europe, via Italy.  Our … Read More »

A look into the lives of undocumented migrants in Libya

Anadolu Agency investigates undocumented migrants in Libya TRIPOLI Before the uprising that ousted Libya’s long-time strongman Muammar Qaddafi, there were about one million black Africans living and working in Libya. However, during the conflict the situation deteriorated and forced many to flee … Read More »

Undocumented migrants face tough time inside Libya's detention system

TRIPOLI Since the fall of Gadhafi, African migrants mainly from Chad, Niger and Mali have been flocking to Libya hoping to get work or a boat to Italy. AA reporter Assed Baig goes to detention centres in Tripoli to meet … Read More »

Malala Yousafzai and the White Saviour Complex

When Malala Yusufzai was shot in the head by Taliban gunmen simply because she wanted to gain an education it sent shockwaves around the world. Straight away the Western media took up the issue. Western politicians spoke out and soon … Read More »

Suspected Nail Bomb at Mosque in Tipton

Police are treating a blast near a mosque in Tipton, West Midlands, as a terrorist incident. The blast near the Kanz-ul-Iman took place around 1:00 pm and police are currently at the scene. Residents reported finding debris in their gardens … Read More »

Letter from Abu Nusaybah to Sir Malcolm Rifkind

Abu Nusaybah is still in custody but has not been charged.  Parts of the letter have been redacted to prevent contempt of court.Read More »

Woolwich and the Muslim response

The murder in Woolwich has shocked everyone, no one was prepared for such a killing on the streets of the UK.  The response has been of disgust and condemnation.  This incident has raised some questions that politicians and the mainstream media have … Read More »

Boston Bombings: The West’s Selective Grieving

Three dead as bombs rip through a crowd at the Boston marathon. The coming days and weeks will unpick what took place and who is responsible. My fellow journalists will seek to give a face and voice to the dead … Read More »

Eye witness accounts of Meiktila massacre; Beaten, burnt and stabbed

Reports of what actually took place in the Central Myanmar town of Meiktila are still emerging. IDPs are beginning to speak out and tell the world of what they witnessed with their own eyes. “They beat them in front of … Read More »

Sittwe. Keep out!

We are being followed. Everyone we speak to is then in turn spoken to. We are being watched, our movements, what we buy, what we say, what we eat. The regime is scared of something. In Sittwe where the Rohingya … Read More »

Myanmar – 30 March

We are being followed. Everyone we speak to is then in turn spoken to. We are being watched, our movements, what we buy, what we say, what we eat. The regime is scared of something. In Sittwe where the Rohingya … Read More »

Listen to the Children

Muhammed sits sketching a stick man and then he picks up a green pencil crayon, colouring in the man he has drawn. No one has bothered to ask these children about what they witnessed during last year’s massacre of the … Read More »

Mandalay massacres worse than originally feared

Following recent violence in central Myanmar reportedly between Buddhists and Muslims, the displaced have been fleeing to the central city of Mandalay. Buildings were burnt down and the ‘official’ death toll stood at 32, as angry mobs roamed the streets. … Read More »

Massacre in Meiktila: That was my friend

Following recent attacks in central Myanmar against Muslims, the displaced have been fleeing to the central city of Mandalay. Buildings were burnt down and the ‘official’ death toll stood at 32, as angry mobs roamed the streets. The reality of … Read More »

The Conflict in Mali Has Nothing to Do With Fighting Terrorists

Another Western nation and former colonial power, has engaged in yet another conflict with an African country, bombing from the air and attacking from the ground. We are told that France is fighting in Mali to push back ‘Islamist’ rebels … Read More »

During Times of Austerity Art is Just Middle-Class Decadence

A row has been ensuing since October after the Mayor of Tower Hamlets, Lutfur Rahman, announced that the Council would sell a Henry Moore sculpture, the Draped Seated Woman also known as Old Flo. The proposed sale of the sculpture … Read More »

Extradition; A Sad Day for Us All

The decision to extradite Talha Ahsan and Babar Ahmad is only one in a long line of subservient decisions that the UK judiciary has taken to please the US. These two men have languished in prison, without charge, without an … Read More »

Why I Choose Not To Wear a Poppy

It is that time of the year again when it seems like everyone is wearing a poppy; on the tube, on the bus, in the park. You cannot get away from them. Yet, like every year, I refuse to wear … Read More »

Modern Warfare Map Removed After Muslims Complain

Over the last few days I have been receiving messages about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.  Apparently the game shows a hadith (saying of the Prophet Muhammed) on the picture frame in the bathroom. This features in the multiplayer … Read More »

Extradition: A failure for us all

The decision to extradite Talha Ahsan and Babar Ahmad is only one in a long line of subservient decisions that the UK judiciary has taken to please the US. These two men have languished in prison, without charge, without an … Read More »

Islamic film protests: a fundamental rift between the Muslim world and the West

A debate I was involved in on the Voice of Russia. This studio discussion is on the protests that have spread across the Muslim world over a US made video insulting the prophet Muhammad. Those protests have now been going … Read More »

Understanding Muslim Anger

Demonstrations have spread around the world after an anti-Islam video, made by someone named Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, insulting the most revered figure of the Muslim world, the Prophet Muhammed was posted on youtube. Why is it that this short video, … Read More »

Citizen Khan: The BBC should not dismiss Muslim complaints

I am not going to comment directly on the Citizen Khan program. I do not particularly care for so-called ethnic comedy shows that regurgitate out-of-date jokes and reinforce racist stereotypes. They are only sanctioned by the BBC because they lack … Read More »

Muslim Chess Players victims of Islamophobia, Racism and Hate

A Muslim family representing England in the European Chess Championships in Austria have alleged that they have been the victims of racism, Islamophobia and hate.  13-year-old Yusuf Bin-Suhayl was attacked and left bleeding by the mother of a fellow English … Read More »

Islamic Relief's lies exposed with audio evidence

Islamic Relief’s PR machine has now gone into full swing. They have launched a ruthless campaign of character assassination against me, spun with lies and inaccuracies that even Tony Blair would be proud of. Rather than do the right thing … Read More »

Statement by Darrell Williams concerning Director of Islamic Relief UK Trying to Delay Emergency Food Aid to Somalia

Statement by Darrell Williams concerning the Director of Islamic Relief UK: Assed recently wrote an article about corrupt practices he witnessed at Islamic Relief (IR). Now that IR has released a disgusting statement about him I feel I have to … Read More »

Director of Islamic Relief UK Tried to Delay Emergency Food Aid to Somalia

I had travelled to East Africa as a journalist working for Islamic Relief, along with another journalist, Darrell Williams, we were responsible for collecting media material for the different Islamic Relief offices and for any news organisations to use.  This … Read More »

Blood Diamonds and the BBC - Journalist Ishmahil Blagrove talks about his documentary and his experience with the corporation

Is the BBC as impartial, free and fair as they claim. I choose to disagree!  Guest post by Ishmahil Blagrove After I initiated an inquiry into the way in which the BBC distorted my documentary “Blood Diamonds (2001)”, deceitfully reneged … Read More »

Muslim woman turned away from her son's parents evening

A Muslim women wearing the niqab has been turned away from her son’s parents evening because of security concerns. Maroon Rafique was told by college staff that she could not come to the parents evening unless she removed her niqab. … Read More »

Muslim Youth Helpline Closes and CEO Stands Down Amid Police Leak Row

A helpline for Muslim youngsters has been suspended and its CEO has resigned amid a furious row over the apparent forwarding of confidential information to a police anti-terror unit. Muslim Youth Helpline, which was established in 2004, has been put … Read More »

Muslims Celebrating the Diamond Jubilee?

The Queen’s diamond jubilee has exposed Muslims and Muslim organisations as being complicit in the collective amnesia around the crimes of the British Empire. The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) sent out a press release stating that British Muslims are … Read More »

Proud and Prejudiced - a critique

‘Proud and Prejudiced’ was a programme that seemed to be about two extremist groups: the English Defence League (EDL) and Al Maharijroun (or whatever name they are currently operating under).  From the outset, it is clear that the programme makers are … Read More »

The New Colony - Balochistan

The people of Balochistan have the right to self-determination and their own sovereignty, according to the United States House of Representatives Committee on foreign affairs. The reasoning behind this article is to question the motives of any Western power to … Read More »

FOSIS Are a Good Example of Muslims Engaging With Society

Such is the level of racism and Islamophobia in society that when encountered by a politically active Muslim, people automatically seem to put them in the radical or extremist box. The main problem here is that there is a set … Read More »

Racism, they still don't get it

Many people have weighed into the debate over Dianne Abbot’s comments on twitter. She has quickly apologised, no doubt due to the pressure she has received from within her own party, the Tories and the media. A wider discussion is … Read More »

Somalis find limited relief in Mogadishu

The look in her eyes tells me all I need to know about what had happened. Even before I ask her, I know she has lost a child. It is a familiar look, one that I have seen, as a … Read More »

The end of Al Qaeeda?

The US has announced the leader of Al Qaeeda, Osama Bin Laden, has been killed. What does this mean? On the ground in terms of the US’s fight against terrorism, it means nothing. Al Qaeeda will continue to function as … Read More »

Ali Shan: 'a Forgotten Soldier'

Ali Shan is an 90-year-old Kashmiri who spent five years in Burma fighting against the imperial army of Japan for the British. I was greeted with a strong hand shake from him at his family home in Sparkbrook where the … Read More »

Bajour Agency refugees in Peshawar

This video was shot at the same time as the article ‘Refugees and the War on Terror’ in January 2009. It was meant to accompany the article.Read More »

Welcome to Palestine: A First Hand Account of Arbitrary Detention

I saw the green Israeli military jeep speeding down the Israeli road towards us, the roar of its engine had alerted the Palestinian farmers who had taken cover under a tree, but there were two fences between us. They’re probably … Read More »

The Israeli Occupation: The Bubble Has to Burst

The Israeli occupation of Palestine has forced Palestinians to live in isolated bubbles, cutting off their struggle from those outside of the major cities, where life has become bearable since the Oslo agreement but has resulted in Palestinians being cut … Read More »

Rafah Border crossing- Aid workers on hunger strike

As medical workers went on hunger strike today at the Rafah border crossing into Gaza in Egypt, Israeli jets could be heard flying overhead, the sound of explosions and vibrations could be felt on the Egyptian side of the Rafah … Read More »

Aid workers to enter into hunger strike at Rafah-Gaza border

British, Belgian and Greek doctors, nurses and aid workers will go on hunger strike tomorrow over the Egyptian Authorities’ refusal to allow entry into Gaza. After constant attempts aid workers, doctors and nurses, have been refused entry in to the … Read More »

Journey to Gaza, so far

        I have arrived in Cairo and have spent the last 24 hours running around meeting people, trying to get contacts and trying to formulate some sort of plan to get me into Gaza. It is looking … Read More »

The challenge for Pakistan

Pakistan’s tumultuous relationship with the West has put the country at the forefront of the so called War on Terror.With violence flaring in the North West Frontier province and the recent attacks on the Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore, … Read More »

Refugees and the War on Terror

On the edge of Peshawer, capital of the North West Frontier Province in Pakistan, lies a sea of white tents that is home to thousands of refugees who have been internally displaced as the Pakistani military carries out operations against … Read More »

Report from a refugee camp in Kashmir

In Pakistani-administered Kashmir this small refugee camp is home to some 600 people who have fled Indian-administered Kashmir, 16km from the line of control. This is the line of the world’s most militarised zone. Since the Mumbai attacks and continued … Read More »

Interpal bank account threatened with closure

Interpal, a British charity providing development and relief for Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza strip, has been served notification from the Islamic Bank of Britain that the charity’s account will soon be closed. This comes as a result … Read More »

The Bosnian Warrior Sheikh

As I walk through the hand crafted wooden doors of the sixteenth century Naqshabandia Tajkia (spiritual centre) mosque that sits on one of the many hills surrounding Sarajevo, I am greeted by sounds of ambient, mellow chanting emanating from inside … Read More »

Srebrenica, lest we forget

In 1995 Srebrenica was a haven of calm and security: a UN declared safe zone. Bosnian Muslims could relax a bit in the relative security of the Dutch Peacekeeping force sent there to protect them, while war raged all around. … Read More »

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