How a black student toiled to get himself into Oxford

Between 2015 and 2017, one in three Oxford colleges failed to offer any black students a place. Last year, only 48 black students took up a place out of 12,000 undergraduates.

Roy Celarie worked over 50 hours a week to support himself while also studying for an undergraduate and a masters degree.

Britain’s elite universities are being accused of not doing enough to offer black students from underprivileged backgrounds a place.

One British member of parliament has even accused them of “social apartheid”.

But, Roy Celarie, a black student, who has been raised in one of the poorest parts of London, did manage to land in what is considered the university for the elites – Oxford.

“If you had told me 15 years ago that I’d be coming to Oxford I probably wouldn’t believe it, so it’s nice I’ve actually managed to fulfill my dream,” said Celerie.

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Is Imran Khan good looking enough to get a free ice cream in East London?

Imran Khan spent many years playing cricket in Britain, and his first marriage was to a British woman. Nexus’s Assed Baig went to East London – where there is a big Pakistani community – to find out whether his charm and charisma are remembered on the streets of the British capital.

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Mesut Ozil’s decision sparks debate on identity in Germany

A recent survey suggests 61% of German Turks feel more Turkish than they do German. It raises questions about integration, identity and belonging, but it also shows a deepening divide within Turkish society in Germany.

Footballer Mesut Ozil’s recent decision to quit the German national team citing racism is still dominating headlines in Germany.

The German-born Turk’s statements have led to a nationwide debate on identity.

TRT World‘s Assed Baig reports that for many German-Turks. their sense of belonging is an issue.

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Mesut Ozil Quits: German footballer with Turkish roots quits over racism

Mesut Ozil’s shock resignation from the German football team – citing racism – has triggered both praise and criticism. But it’s also got people talking about inclusivity in sport. Assed Baig hit the streets of Berlin to find out what people are saying. Assed Baig went to Berlin to report on the politics of race, in a sport that’s gotten ugly.

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Refugee Crisis: Austria begins large-scale border operation

Austria is staging its largest ever military exercise along its border with Slovenia, at a time when the European Union is divided over the issue of migration. This year, 43- thousand people arrived in the EU by crossing the Mediterranean, and more than one-thousand have died trying to make the crossing. Assed Baig has this report from the Austria-Slovenia border.

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