Assed BaigAssed is a trained broadcast and print journalist and has worked around the world including the Central African Republic, Myanmar and Libya.  He has also worked as a reporter for the BBC, as a correspondent for an international news agency and is currently working for Channel 4 News.

He is well versed in international politics and current affairs. English is his first language but he can converse in Urdu, Punjabi and Arabic.

Assed is versatile and resourceful.  He can work on many platforms; print, online, audio and video.

Pakistan, Kashmir, Bosnia and Somalia are some of the countries he has reported from as well as having spent time living in Syria and Mauritania.

Assed has consulted organisations on social media, public relations and human rights reporting.

He was born and bred in Birmingham but currently works out of London.  He has specialist knowledge of the Muslim community and Islam.

What’s life like for British Muslims? | Channel 4 News

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