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‘Jihadi Jack’: Channel 4 News exclusive interview

On tonight’s Channel 4 News – we have an interview with the 20 year old Oxford boy dubbed ‘Jihadi Jack’ – a British-Muslim convert who’s travelled to ISIS-controlled territory in Syria.


Muslim women on English language, integration and extremism

When David Cameron announced a £20m fund to provide classes for women struggling with the English language, he singled out Muslim women for special consideration. Our reporter, Assed Baig, has been talking to Muslim women in Manchester, to see if they are taking up the Prime Minister’s suggestion – or are affronted at being linked with possible extremism.


Flying while Muslim: Sisters speak on Islamophobia

Two young Muslim sisters and their brother were taken off a flight preparing to leave London’s Stansted airport last week after fellow passengers told staff they believed they were supporters of the self-styled Islamic State group.

Samia Shahid widower accuses family of murder

Samia Shahid’s family have been accused by her new husband of murdering her after disapproving of her second marriage.

BDS: councils could face penalties over Israeli boycotts

Local councils and other public bodies have been warned they could face severe penalties if they try to boycott Israeli goods and products or disinvest in companies that operate there.
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What’s life like for British Muslims

British Muslims are more alienated than ever before, which is driving more people to embrace radical ideas. That’s what journalist Assed Baig finds when he returns to his home city of Birmingham to ask Muslims about the “climate of fear” fuelled by the rise of Islamic State.

The British mother and children who escaped Isis

Shukee Begum and her five children have been rescued from a gang of Syrian criminals – after they were taken hostage trying to escape from the so-called Islamic State in Syria.

‘Isis…it was just not my cup of tea’: British mum speaks

Shukee Begum, a mother of 5 who took her children to Syria to meet her husband, who was fighting with Isis militants, reveals how she became trapped in Isis territory after he refused to leave and was kidnapped by smugglers.

We were defending British values, say Syria Britons | Channel 4 News

Two British men who have returned from the Syria conflict say they went to the Middle East on a humanitarian mission “against a brutal regime” – and insist they are not terrorists.

‘Jihadi John’: Mohammed Emwazi a ‘quiet and attentive’ student | Channel 4 News

As “Jihadi John” he became the world’s most notorious terrorist, but a former friend of Mohammed Emwazi at the University of Westminster has spoken for the first time to Channel 4 News.

New law puts onus on universities to tackle extremism

The new counter-terrorism and security act forces academics to prevent students being radicalised, but many think that the powers go too far.

Government crackdown on ‘poisonous ‘ Islamist extremism

David Cameron announces the government will combat “poisonous Islamist extremist ideology” by banning organisations and clamping down on those seeking to radicalise young people.

London shopkeeper defiant despite threats over Charlie sign

East London deli owner Adel Defilaux tells Assed Baig he received death threats, after posting a “Je suis Charlie” sign, on the day a new issue of the satirical magazine went out.

Charlie Hebdo ‘selling out’ across the UK

Copies of the controversial “survivors’ edition” of Charlie Hebdo are thought to have sold out in much of the UK despite concerns over community tensions and protests in Pakistan

ISIS and the ‘Costa’ caliphate: what a militant claims the ‘holiday’ state is like

A British jihadi has released a guide to the Caliphate using Western lingo in the style of a travel guide that avoid all mention of ISIS war-crimes, summary mass executions, and genocide

Islamic State: how can young Brits be stopped from joining?

Assed Baig reports from Dewsbury, where people are trying to understand why two Yorkshire teenagers, including reported suicide bomber Talha Asmal, ran away to a distant conflict.

Homegrown play cancelled by the National Youth Theatre

A controversial play that set out to delve into what motivates young Muslims to join the self-styled Islamic State has been cancelled, just two weeks before it was meant to go out.

Council sought out children at risk of radicalisation

The British Islamic State bloggers using Tumblr

Two British Islamic State members were still able to use their social media blogging sites, days after being put on the United Nations sanctions list.

Topshop to stop buying ‘ridiculously skinny’ mannequins

Fear and anger among Birmingham’s Muslim community

Assed Baig reports on the mood among the community in the city in the aftermath of the government’s decision to extend its bombing campaign to Syria.

NHS joins campaign urging people to become blood donors

Teesside: can locals and asylum seekers get along?

High unemployment and low life expectancy: this is Teesside, once the hub of Britain’s steel industry. It’s now home to record numbers of asylum seekers – filling homes abandoned by dwindling local communities. Many claimed they’d become targets for abuse – thanks to their red-painted front doors.


Women in some communities are being denied “even their basic rights” and segregation is at “worrying levels.”

That’s the view of Dame Louise Casey; residents in one of London’s most diverse areas responded.